Computer Repair

Fixing Slow Computers

Slow computers often have Spyware. We find that a majority of computers we service for the first time have some sort of spyware that degrades their performance, creates annoying pop-up ads, or threatens security.

Instead of suffering with a slow computer, or wasting money to replace a perfectly good system that's been compromised by spyware and viruses, call us for help. We'll cleanse your computer and install software to defend against future threats.

In addition system defragmentation can cause major system slow downs over time. Fragmentation occurs when files are written to your hard disk in separate chunks. Your drive has many bits of storage space here and there; it's not kept in one big place. So when you save a file, the computer divides it up and sticks these bits of your file wherever they will fit. So the next time you open that file, the computer must look in several places on your drive to open the whole file.

This slows everything down. Instead of your file popping up on your screen right away, the computer reads some of your file here, then over there and back again before it gets the whole thing. And then the file opens. Diskeeper puts your files back together. It monitors your hard drive and when files get fragmented into separate chunks, it puts them back together. No more looking here and there for a file's pieces, it's all in one spot. You documents will snap up on the screen like lightning again. Just like when your computer was new. And best of all – Diskeeper does this all automatically. You can "Set It and Forget It" ® and Diskeeper will keep your system fast and free of fragmentation.

If you need more memory to increase speed, we install RAM chips. If your operating system is out of date, we provide software upgrades.
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