Data Backup

Data is your most valuable asset, so you need protection from accidental or intentional deletion. We recommend automatic backup software that will copy your data to an external storage device and for extra protection backing up online.IDrive Online Backup

Genie Backup Manager is a program that automatically runs every night to copy your precious data to a safe external location where it will not be lost if your computer fails. The system is efficient, automatic and relatively inexpensive.

You definitely should consider an online backup service that uses your high-speed Internet connection to create off-site backups for maximum security. Even if your building and everything inside it burns to the ground, your data will be safe. Our recommended online backup is eSureIT by Intronis. contact us for details.

If you have suffered a potential data loss, please contact us or immediate assistance. If you do not already have a data protection plan, we can provide you with the necessary hardware and software, and train you how to protect your most valuable asset.

For MAC Home users we recommend IDrive which even gives you 2GB of online storage free to start. It's very easy and compatible with both PC's and Macs.