1. Can you fix my slow computer (that is loaded with viruses)?
    Yes! And we'll make sure you're protected from reinfection.
  2. Will you guys call me back? Can I talk to a human?
    Yes! No other company communicates as well as we do.
  3. My wireless doesn't reach, or seems to drop the connection. Can you fix it?
    Yes! We can install a new access point on your home network to improve your coverage.
  4. Can I call you for 45 minutes of free tech advice on the phone and not book an appointment?
    No! For best results, book an appointment. We'll come to you or help you remotely. Whichever is more convenient.
  5. Have you worked with doctors (or lawyers) offices before?
    Yes, if you are a professional service, we can be your professional computer support.
  6. Do you set up Email systems?
    Yes, we recommend our Hosted Exchange solution for any sized business even if you only have one email account. Sync your calendar, contacts and email with your desktops and mobile devices, and never lose anything.
  7. Operating system reinstallation?
    Many times a computer is so infected or so ‘corrupt’, that the best or only thing to do is a rebuild. In short, this means we backup your data, and then reinstall Windows from scratch leaving the computer in a clean fresh state.