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Expertise - when you fill out a service request, we will send a business computer repair TECH with experience in the type of problem you are having - the most qualified Guru for your specific requirement. 

Pay only for the service you receive! - After the first hour, CADEDA bills down to the quarter hour. If the job takes 90 minutes, we will not round it up to 120 minutes! 

Service Agreements You Can Depend On - Looking for computer support at a fixed cost?  Our service agreements provide you the ability to budget and forecast your computer maintenance costs and provide a substantial discount over our per call service.  Typical services included in our service plans include:

Certified Hardware Cleaning
Remove all dust from inside of computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, Wash all outside surfaces of computer console. Secure all internal and external cables.

Certified Hardware Diagnostics
• RAM (Memory)
• Hard Drive
• Motherboard
• Modem / NIC Card
• Sound Card
• Video Card
• Floppy Drives
• CD-ROM (Media Drives)
• Backup Device
• Power Supply
• Cooling Fans

Certified Software Updates & Optimization

• Optimize system configuration for maximum performance.
• Update virus definitions and scan for viruses.
• Update spyware definitions and scan for adware, malware or spyware.
• Install latest operating system updates and service patches.
• Install up-to-date security patches.
• Remove any device conflicts & system lags.
• Maximize system resources.

Certified User Support
• Assist users with computer related problems
• Answer employee questions
• Training on new equipment or programs.
• And Much, Much, More.....

Priority Service
• Our business customers that have subscribed to a service agreement automatically receive priority service when requesting service