Remote Access

Remote Access to your computer. When you leave the office, go on business travel, or take a vacation, do you ever wish you could get something from your computer? Now you can. With I'm InTouch or Logmein software, you can remotely access your machine to take care of anything, as if you we're sitting there. Save time and gasoline, and lead a more relaxing life.

What can you do with I'm InTouch or logmein?

  • Remotely access programs such as your Point of Sale system, accounting package, work documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.
  • Forgotten a file at the office? Use I'm InTouch's "File Transfer" feature to transfer the file to your local computer.
  • Check email while on the go. Use any PC, Palm, PocketPC, Treo or BlackBerry to log into your PC and send and receive email.
  • Print a document that is on your office PC onto your home printer, without transferring the file.
  • Give live presentations without leaving the office. Invite up to 10 people as guests to view your presentation on your PC's desktop.
  • Want to keep an eye on your home from work? Connect a webcam to your home PC and remotely view through your webcam. Rest assured that your home is safe!
  • I'm InTouch uses the same security as most Internet banking websites: the service encrypts all data with 128-bit SSL encryption.

Cadeda Technologies also uses I'm InTouch and logmeinto provide remote computer support. If you would like to receive quick technical support, just open a WCC support ticket. We'll remotely login to your computer and troubleshoot any problem you might have