Spyware/Virus Removal

Securing Your Computer

 Spyware is a real problem on a majority of the computers we service for the first time. While most computers come with anti-virus software, preventing and removing spyware requires different products.

At best, spyware is an annoyance that leads to pop-up ads and reduced computer performance. At worst, spyware allows criminals to gain access to all the sensitive information on your computer.

Do children use your computer at home, or do employees use computers at work? Unless you supervise them 100% of the time, and we know you don't, you need anti-spyware.

Anti-virus software does not protect against spyware, because the two get onto your computer in different ways. Spyware often hitches a ride on free downloads. When the user installs a screen-saver or game, the spyware gets onto their machine. Then it can spread to other computers over your network.

Sometimes a spammer can use spyware to take control of your machine, and turn it into a spam-sending "zombie." You may only discover that this has happened after your Internet service provider cuts off your access to stem the flood of spam.

We recommend installing anti-spyware, and running a scan of your computer periodically. This will keep your machine running smoothly, and avoid the loss of sensitive data.
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